1-9-2023: 15:30 boarding Amsterdam, Schiphol à Qatar, Doha à Zuid-Korea, Seoul à Jeju Island


- Jeju Island 4 days

- Busan 3 days

- Jeonju 3 days

- Sokcho  > Seoraksan Park 3 days

- Seoul 5 days


We start our journey in South Korea on Jeju Island. The island is famous for the Hallasan vulcano, female divers and caves formed by the lava from vulcano Hallasan. Recently it also got famous for being   We begin our travels in the northern part of the island: Jeju City. Jeju City is known for being the most 'vibrant' city on Jeju Island with lots of bars, restaurants and shops. 

From this part of the island it's also possible to do the hike up to Hallasan Vulcano. There are different entrances you can take up to the mountain. We take the entrance on the westside of the mountain known as the Eorimok trail. 



    • Discover Seoul Pass (Klook.com)
    • Airport Simkaart
    • Insadong Geujip restaurant traditional food (thee plaatsje ernaast)
    • Thanks Nature sheep café
    • Dinga Cake house
    • Namdeamon market Streetfood
    • Eland Cruise (met de pas)
    • Starfield library
    • Common Ground market hall jongeren gebeuren
    • Hongdae Sang Sang Puppy Café
    • Bulgogi dish